Program Goals

Reversing My Heart Disease, Inc. is a newly established Massachusetts Nonprofit Corporation with the mission to make available to the public the state of the art information on how to reverse heart disease. This is an evidence-based organization utilizing the best available science, including diet, exercise drugs, and other resources to best reverse their disease.

Too often patients with heart disease are unable to make educated decisions about their healthcare because of confusing or misinformation they receive from healthcare professions, friends, and family; Our organization seeks to present the scientific information in terms that anyone can understand and can discuss with their doctor to best help themselves with what science tells us is the best diet, drug and exercise regiment to help reverse the heart disease.

Dr. Peter Megdal, the founder, and Executive Director of Reversing My Heart Disease, Inc. explains what he has found after undergoing an unnecessary procedure to place a stent in his coronary artery and how and why anyone should avoid this medical pitfall. Within the pages of our website, not yet created/operational, you will find text, video and other resources that you can access free of charge. Additionally, we will build on this foundation to raise funds for cutting-edge research helping to integrate the best of both lifestyle and medical treatments.

Workshops and Lectures

Initially, Reversing My Heart Disease, Inc. will host various educational workshops and lectures about heart disease and treatment. We will use both internet and onsite workshops to talk and educate people about heart disease. The online workshops will be available to individuals at all times free of charge on our website, not yet created. Our onsite workshops will be hosted on scheduled days and times at various locations in the community that will include community centers, universities and colleges, and hospitals and medical centers. Our workshops will provide education to all individuals on various treatments, nutrition, and healthy habits for heart disease. All of our services will be provided to the public at no charge.

Research and Funding

In addition, we will provide funding to universities, research institutes, and hospitals that are working on clinical research to find a cure and other treatments for heart disease. Organizations that are interested in the funding will need to apply to our organization. Reversing My Heart Disease, Inc. will form a committee of qualified doctors and researchers that will review all applicants and decide who will receive funding for their research. Organization can reapply every year if needed. Funding amount will vary depending on the funds raised for the year.